Wednesday, January 12, 2005

"We're going to Jackson. Go comb your hair."

Every day that goes by, I learn more and more about my new home. For instance, I discovered that the slang for subway riders is straphanger and that Yankee players are required to be clean shaven and their hair cannot touch the collar. I also discovered that you can you can order apricot ale at the Heartland Brewery & Chophouse, which is where I went last night to meet Jane, Fals, and Lex for a post work drink. Little did I know that we were out to celebrate something. Something big . . . something momentous.

As I entered the bar, cold and slightly damp from the drizzle, I spotted my friends huddled over the menu trying to figure out what food to order. Jane smiled a little too mischievously as I detached myself from my iPod, gloves, and hat. I barely had time to say hi and apologize for being late before Jane told me to look at Fala's hand. On the ring finger was a brand new Tiffany engagement ring and I squealed like a girl when I made the mental connection that Lex had finally proposed to Fala. Yayayayay!

Question is, will it be a Brooklyn wedding or a Swansea wedding?

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