Monday, January 17, 2005

"Welcome to the neighborhood."

From my window overlooking Bushwick, I can watch the airplanes line up like man made constellations in the night sky. They seem to dance in perfect alignment as they make their descent towards LaGuardia, lowering themselves towards my window before disappearing overhead with a distant rumble or two. Meanwhile I had managed to finish the last of my red wine with a satisfying gulp.

I'm at a point in my introduction to New York that I am starting to consider the "what next." No, I do not want to move again, but I am finally settled and now I want to start to rebuild my social networks and really truly explore this town.

Let's start with Williamsburg proper.

Yesterday was the first time I had been there during the daytime, having only been to dinner at Sea or drinks at the Brooklyn Ale House and Galapagos. Too bad that it was frigidly cold, so much that it seeped up from the pavement and froze my toes numb as I navigated the walk to Relish. The sky had that heavy look to it—the one that only seems sets in when snow is on the way.

Once seated in Relish, I warmed up with an omelette, good orange juice, and great company.

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