Thursday, February 01, 2007

"I have a fetish for girls in glasses."

As I've said in previous blog entries, not a whole lot of people know that I have a blog apart from my friends back in DC. A smattering of people in New York know about it, but an even smaller number have the address, which allows me to talk about everyone behind their back.

Just kidding.

It does, however, allow me some degree of freedom and a lack of self censoring. And of my friends in New York that happen to be reading this, a big huhllo! A couple of coworker friends are now in possession of this address and all I can say is that you were warned. One coworker asked me what my blog was about as we walked back from lunch.

Hmmm. How do I sum it up? How about humorous takes on my disastrous love life and the small catastrophes I seem to deal with on a regular basis? Lesbian-tastic? It used to be about the humor in every day New York flavored banality, but then realized that people were much more interested in my sex life.

Go figure.

Like I said, I had been walking back from lunch with four other coworker friends. As we pause to cross a street, I hear a voice from somewhere behind me.

"Young lady. Young lady."

I turn to see if the words are directed at me and I spot a man looking at me. Like every New Yorker, I take a second and a half to judge him on his level of crazy before deciding if I want to respond. If he was a well dressed professional, I would have thought that I had dropped a glove or had toilet paper trailing from a shoe and he in his infinite niceness had decided to help. Instead I see a man with a scraggly beard.

In that second and a half, he doesn't wait for me to respond.

"I have a fetish for girls in glasses."

Okay! Good to know. We continue walking, leaving Mr. Fetish trailing behind somewhere on 29th Street.

So what is my blog about? That, my friend, is what it's about. Crazy people who stop me on the street to say that they have a fetish and that I fit that fetish. Crazy people that remind me of all the previously crazy people who showed an interest in me and the rare few I even dated.

I should subtitle this blog New York Adventures in Crazy instead.

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