Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Okay. This is a wee bit of a gamble."

While Ms. Lawyer and I have had a hard time getting post make-out plans to come together, I have been cultivating an email relationship with Cute Girl. Remember her? She's Option Three, the one I met at my lesbian networking happy hour a couple of weeks ago. After she eagerly called me after leaving the bar on my work number no less, we have been emailing back and forth since. Low level chit chat and stuff, though she has said stuff like, ". . . have every intention of getting to know you. Dunno - like I said last night, (god, was that only last night?) it's not often that I'm able to connect with people in large social environs, and when that happens, I don't take it lightly. I don't take it heavily either, but I think you get it."

Too bad she's going to California and Nevada for a skiing vacation, which means that it will be a little bit of time before we can get together in person. She also sent me the following You Tube link as a valentine stating that she hoped that I got her sense of humor and didn't think she was a weirdo. It's okay, Cute Girl. I think it's funny too
. . . albeit very strange.


dorothy snarker said...

Uh, that was different.

Anonymous said...

That made me laugh entirely too hard.