Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Darling, where have you been in the last week?"

There is something about the cold -- bone chilling cold that sends the mind into hibernation and the body deep into the heated indoors. It has been hard to form coherent sentences much less a jaunty blog entry when it is 8 degrees outside. Instead I have been retreating to the warmth of soups -- especially the amazing cassoulet I had at a French restaurant on Monday -- and the comfort of my duvet.

Today it is 24 degrees, a veritable heatwave compared to last week's single digit temperatures. I have the requisite layers on, my hair is flat from having been stuck under a hat at various times today, and my hands are dry from the cold. Now you understand where I've been, J-Wo.

I have also been:

* Joining a bocce ball league
* Working on a writing project
* Getting two big freelance jobs lined up
* Hanging out with coworker friends in Park Slope
* Coming out to coworker friends

That aside, I have been organizing Lesbian Club with renewed vigor. Tonight is a networking happy hour for lesbian professionals and Friday is a trip to my favorite dyke bar, Cattyshack. I'm hoping to discover some more candidates for OPMW and perhaps flirt with some of them.

Speaking of which, Ms. Snarker asks if I got "any more interesting responses to your single and sane call to arms?" The answer is sadly no, which means that either there is a serious dearth of Single And Sane lesbians out there, or they are all too shy to email me.

Expect a Valentine's edition of OPMW.

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