Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"The Taquito Moment."

I'm not a big fan of sports let alone football and my sports knowledge is scant at best, but I do know what a Hail Mary pass is. It's when the football is thrown in desperation in an attempt to make any play even though the chance of success is very low. I have a vague memory of seeing the Washington Redskins pull this move during a game when I was a kid and I remember how the ball arced high in the air like a plea.

The email that I sent to Cute Girl
this morning was much like a Hail Mary pass -- a verbal lob arcing high into cyberspace. Maybe it was a bad play, but I had to know once and for all what happened if anything. When I called Dennise late last night to get her opinion on my first draft of the email, she said that it was time for a balls out, no fear action. I could even call it Operation Balls Out and we laughed at the acronym OBO. She referenced me back to a Washington Post article that she had sent me a couple of days before that talked of the little infractions that cause us to reject a suitor -- arm hair, an annoying laugh, or a love of day old taquitos from 7-Eleven. Maybe Cute Girl had her own Taquito Moment with me. Who knows, but I sent the email, my Hail Mary pass, and hopefully she'll let me know.

Balls out, baby. I have nothing to lose. You can read what I sent below.

* * *

So I was talking to my friend [J-Wo] yesterday, asking her opinion on a confusing situation. I told her how I had met up with a really cute girl for drinks on Sunday and everything had been going well. We later adjourned at a friend's house, bought some wine, and hung out a short bit before the cute girl spilled on wine on herself and wanted to go quickly home to change. But the thing was that the girl never came back and alerted me of her intention to stay home via text, which I thought was odd. I asked
[J-Wo] what she thought. Was the girl fleeing my presence or was there a more mundane explanation?

[J-Wo] didn't give me much insight, but she did say that I should email the girl and make a joke or something. So here I am, desperately thinking of a joke and failing.

Blah blah whatever. This email is probably unnecessary, but I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed talking to you over the last week and meeting up with you on Sunday. My apologies if I managed to offend or cause your sudden departure. The wine you chose was really excellent, btw. Better to drink than to spill.



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