Monday, February 12, 2007

"Can I ask you something?"

Guess who has a date tonight? Mememememe!

Let's rewind.

By last Wednesday, it looked as though I had a lot of options. There was even an Option Four on Friday when a friend of mine said over drinks at Cattyshack that a friend of hers was interested. I even ran into K who I know has a little crush on me. Would that be Option 5?

I saw Ms. Lawyer on Friday when she met up with Lesbian Club. We hung out and talked, but I still wasn't sure if she was interested. I know, I'm dense. However Ms. Lawyer was dirty dancing with hot girls and not so much with me.

On Sunday Mr. Bad Apologies texted me to get together and I lured him to Brooklyn with a plan of going to the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Thinking that Ms. Lawyer would like to join us, I called her and found her slaving away at the office. It was easy to convince her to leave her case behind and join Mr. BA and I at the museum. We made an afternoon of it later going to Bar Sepia for a couple of beers before moving on for dinner. Mr. BA had to head back to Manhattan, but Ms. Lawyer and I carried on. Dinner lead to drinks and then lead to another bar for a couple beers.

While at Patio Lounge, she asked all about me. When did I first come out? Where have I traveled? When I talked of my most recent trip abroad, she said, "I want to go to Amsterdam! Will you go with me?"

"Yeah but I'm broke and after the hellishness of my last trip, I shouldn't be traveling anywhere anytime soon."

"No, we should go! When can you go?"

"Maybe if money were no object."

"Think you can get off in a few weeks?"

Um, was she serious?

We also talked about Valentine's Day. "What are you doing?"

"You know, sit at home with my two cats feeling sorry for myself," I quip.

"We should do something. What can we do? Think of something crazy."

I was at a loss for crazy ideas. My (lame) idea of going to the Empire State Building got shot down.

"Let's go skiing and go to a bed and breakfast. Can you get off?"

I remembered that I have a meeting on Wednesday and pointed out that this coming weekend is a holiday weekend. Suddenly we were forming a plan to go on Saturday and come back on Monday. She made me pinkie swear that I'll do this. Okay, if you're paying . . .

We left Patio Lounge since it was getting late, but she steered me towards another bar. By now it was 11:30 and 5th Avenue was desolated.

"No, no. We should go. It's getting late."

"One more. Let's get a night cap!"

My resolve to get home at a decent hour crumbles as we go into Lobo for one more drink.

As we talked some more, she moved closer.

"Can I ask you something?" she said.

"You can ask me anything you like."

"Can I kiss you?"


After some kissing in the bar, she confesses, "I was just going to keep ordering drinks till you kissed me."

I smiled. We kissed some more. The bar was closing so we have to go. It takes some effort to get her into a car service, but she reluctantly goes. I get a cab back to my place. When I call her to let her know that I get home safely, she asks me out for dinner.

My friends, I have a real, honest to god date tonight. Fo reals.

* * * Edit * * *

Date got rescheduled for tomorrow as she has to be in court super early. Still trying to figure out how serious she was about all these spontaneous plans.


tec said...

Told you so. Congratulations - you seem to have hooked yourself a sugar-mama... ;)

bad apologies said...

I was there to see it! Hotness. Can you sleep with her, and then get me a job in P'Burgh?