Saturday, February 17, 2007

"Sounds like lesbian life is treating you kindly!"

Momentum. It can be defined as the "strength or force gained by motion or through the development of events." Momentum can be aptly applied to the early stages of a relationship. A smile leads to flirting, which leads to kissing, which leads to . . . what? With Ms. Lawyer and I had momentum last Sunday as we proceeded from bar to bar. We had plans to meet again for dinner first on Monday and then on Tuesday. But when she canceled on me because of work, momentum began to slow. I waited for alternative plans to form, maybe something on Valentine's Day since she had been so keen to do something then, but the best I got was the offer of a hurried dinner.

At TGI Friday's.

In Penn Station.

In her defense, I think she really wanted to see me and wanted to squeeze me in between coming from Long Island and heading back to the office. Even though I felt a little guilty for being a snob, I took a raincheck. There was no way I was stepping into Penn Station on Valentine's Day for a date at the food court even with the best intentions in mind.

When we finally met up for lunch on Thursday, it was at the aforementioned TGI Friday's. I had relented and agreed to be a good sport. We shared a sampler platter of wings, mozzarella sticks, and potato skins. She had a Bud Lite. I had water. Momentum . . . came to a crawl.

I like Ms. Lawyer -- enough to want to get to know her some more, enough to meet her TGI Friday's even though I am a foodie. There was flirting over our mediocre lunch and I was giving her all the signs of hey, let's get sumthin started here. We text and talk every day, but she has yet to ask me out for a real date and in the immortal words of Willow Rosenberg, bored now.

Where momentum slowed with Ms. Lawyer, things have picked up with Cute Girl. CG is a paralegal. CG is from California and lived in Seattle. CG and I have eerily similar tastes in music and food. CG and I spent all of Friday emailing back and forth. CG is . . . a former Mormon??

Trust me, it made for an interesting email conversation. I had to double check on the former part since I couldn't tell at first from the email. What? Is it possible to be gay and Mormon?? Definitely former, she said. She was even kicked out of Brigham Young University for being gay.

You go girl.


bad apologies said...

I might be missing something, but why don't you ask HER out?

nycrouge said...

I kept asking her if she wanted to get dinner or something, but she kept saying that she was busy or I would get a non committal yes.

That said, she asked me via text last night if we wanted to get dinner on Friday.