Monday, February 19, 2007

"I'm just going to stay home tonight."

I'm not entirely sure I know what happened.

All I do know is that Cute Girl called me yesterday to see if I wanted to get a drink in the evening. Turns out she never made it to California and was in town. I did a little happy dance after we hung up the phone and began to eagerly look forward to the date.

It was great to finally meet up with her again and during the course of our drink we flirted and got to know each other more. She even said that she was interested in me, which was nice as I was crazy attracted to her. The plan had been to meet up with Lesbian Club after the drink and watch L Word at someone's house nearby. She even had a bottle of wine to bring.

Everything was seemingly going well. When we got to my friend's apartment, I introduced her to everyone and we opened the wine and sat down with some snacks. At one point CG got up and later came back to the room saying that she had spilled some red wine on her sweater and was going to go back to her place only a block away to get a new one to wear. Okay, we all said. Since she was so close to home, we figured she wouldn't be gone very long. But after 20 minutes or so -- maybe even a half hour -- we began to wonder what happened to CG. About that time I got a text on my phone from her thanking me for meeting up for a drink, but that she was going to stay home and hoped I had a good night.

So what the hell happened? Does anyone else think that it is incredibly weird to go home to get something and just text to say that you are staying after all? Or how about rude? Am I reading too much into a simple text?? It just seems like a 180 from the good time we were having over a drink.

One of two things could have happened. (1) She purposely spilled wine on herself looking for the quickest way to extract herself from an undesirable situation. Perhaps something happened in the distance from the bar to my friend's apartment to change her opinion of me. Or (2) something happened when she got home to make her want to stay. Perhaps she got tired all the sudden or felt silly drunk after one glass of wine. But I can't help but think it was a deliberate snub towards me.

Damnit, Cute Girl. I really wanted to like you.


bad apologies said...

Strange. Did you hear from her today?!

nycrouge said...

No :(

Ms. Write Again Soon said...

Two things:

1. You should have offered to walk home with her. Maybe she was trying to get you back to her place alone, maybe she thought it was rude that you didn't offer to accompany her (since it was a date).

2. Maybe you should email her and ask her out, but say something funny like, "this time, let's be the only two lesbians in the room". Maybe she got freaked out by all the estrogen in the room.

Ooh, third thing. How much were YOU drinking?

nycrouge said...

I only had ONE beer by the time she left, Ms. J-Wo.

I might email her tomorrow. I like the funny angle, but don't want to email her if it seems obvious that she's not interested. Argh! It makes NO sense.

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose some anxiety got to her? Like #2 above, maybe all the new people got her nervous?

I don't know, but it is strange. I also like the idea of using the funny angle to get back with her and figure out what happened.