Thursday, February 08, 2007

"I know I've been missing in action . . ."

L Word 11215Another lesbian bites the dust.

Ladies, let this be a cautionary tale, an example of crazy lesbianism in action, the opposite of what I strive for with OPMW. Remember Nina and her girlfriend Chris? Perhaps not, but here's a refresher. Nina is a good friend of mine that I met through Lesbian Club, the kind of person you could call at any hour if you needed help -- that kind of friend.
when she started dating Chris three months or so ago, I was dismayed that she completely fell into the Relationship Vortex™. I wasn't the only one dismayed and friends vented their frustration at varying times.

I haven't seen Nina since the disastrous birthday party last month. When I got back from Europe, she didn't call or email. Whenever I would see Wendy, our mutual friend, I'd ask, "Have you heard from Nina??" The answer was always no.

It's not that I don't want my friends to be in a relationship. I do, however, take umbrage when they go completely MIA in favor of their girlfriend. In this case Nina entered a crazy lesbian co-dependent relationship and slowly began to forget about her friends. It didn't help that her girlfriend lived in Pennsylvania.

I got an email from Nina today, the first real contact I've had from her in a month. When she didn't call me back or ask how my trip to Europe was, I was hurt. In her email she said that she was moving in with Chris and her three kids next month, which meant that she would be moving from Park Slope to Pennsylvania and although she apologized for being MIA, it seemed that the real reason for emailing me was to find out if I knew anyone who would want to take her apartment.


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