Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"I don't know how this workks. But. Ur lips wherte amazing! May I please take you to dinner?"

My date didn't happen last night. Ms. Lawyer's trial got in the way and after getting a call from her that she would have to reschedule, I schlepped home alone, stopping to buy cat food along the way. But between texting and calling, she must still be interested. I am, however, cautiously seeing where this is going since my heart barely survived 2006 intact.

So ladies and occasional gentlemen visitors, it is Valentine's day. That annual soul crushing holiday that wags its finger at singletons and smugly surrounds lovers in hearts and cheap drugstore chocolates. Though I might have a possible love thing going on, I am still very much a free agent, no one is sending me flowers, and the holiday still annoys me.

Actually its not the holiday that annoys me but the stuff that companies feel obligated to shill. Worst offender? The Vermont Teddy Bear Company. Maybe you saw some of the commercials on television in the run up to the 14th, but here's the You Tube link in case you haven't. I could make some snarky synopsis of it, but it really speaks for itself.

Anyway, remember OPMW's Single And Sane campaign? After some initial nominations, no one has emailed me, which means that there are only three sane, unattached lesbians out there. Seriously.
To get things going again, this is why I am Single And Sane:

* I am caring and down to earth.

* My last long term relationship was four years ago, which means I've had a lot of time to work through the bullshit.

* I recently put the kibosh on a crazy love situation that had dragged on longer than it ever should have, which means that I am crazy free!
* I am an amazing cook and even made cupcakes from scratch for my coworkers today.

* I work for an environmental non-profit.
* I recently became New Media Director for a start up media/pr business.

* I know all the little obscure places to go in New York, which means that my future girlfriend and I will never be bored.

* I know enough random crap about art and history that I can easily be a museum tour guide.

* I am nerdy, but have been told that I'm quite cute -- badonkadonk and all.

* I am super creative.
* For further information,
here's the link to my Craigslist ad that I ran last July.

If you think you're Single And Sane, here are the rules again:

1. Nominate yourself or a friend as Single And Sane. Don't be shy.

2. Email me with your nomination (email address is in my profile).

3. Provide a short list and reason why you or your lesbian friend is Single And Sane and why this is a crime. You can keep you or your friend's name anonymous. Don't worry -- I have a big respect for privacy and this exists only as a spotlight for the wrongfully overlooked.

4. I post nominations. You restore my faith in humanity and specifically the lesbian world. The caveat is if you send in a nomination and you're clearly neither single nor sane, I won't post it.

5. Depending on how successful this experiment is, I post nominations either weekly or monthly in addition to my own finds in the field. If no one emails in, well there's no hope for any of us or some of you are way to busy drinking herbal tea.

There you go. Prove me wrong. Spread the word far and wide across the lesbian land. Tell your friends to prove me wrong. C'mon, I'm waiting.

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