Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Gourmand, intellectual, dirty-talker ISO wit and bedroom eyes."

Here it is, blazoned for all eternity: my dating manifesto à la Craigslist (now that the posting has expired):

** gourmand, intellectual, dirty-talker ISO wit and bedroom eyes **

Got your attention?

Maybe . . . just maybe . . . some quality women lurk on the w4w section of Craigslist. I mean they must since a couple of friends of mine have found love through this section. Consider this my stab at it or a social science experiment. Beats working on the project that I should be doing now . . .

About me: I am I'm a 27-year-old Brooklyn based art nerd and a graphic designer. My idea of a good time this summer has been checking out free concerts (Siren Festival, Celebrate Brooklyn), lounging on my friend's rooftop in Park Slope, checking out burlesque shows, and hanging out with a Belgian beer in the garden of a local bar. Life's too short to be miserable, so I'm all about having fun and trying out everything the city has to offer. I'm also a gourmand, have a running list of restaurants I want to try, and fancy myself a good cook. I make a killer cocktail, have a great smile, and can wink in that way that says, "You. Bedroom. Now." I love to travel -- went to London in March for the fifth time, going to Seattle and Provincetown in August, and Amsterdam in October. I LOVE LOVE music -- from classical to rock. Lately I've been into the Indie scene.

I'm also rather femme, and despite being a lesbian, I actually like shopping and wearing skirts. I have chin length brown hair, a nose stud, and those artsy black frame glasses.

Haven't scared you away yet?

I'm looking for my partner in crime, someone to go on high adventures with -- both in town and out of town. I'm always on the go it seems -- off to follow something that has grabbed my attention. I'm looking for anyone who can woo me with wit, intelligence, confidence, social skills, and dirty talk. Oh yes, intelligence is majorly important. I'm looking for an equal and though we can both bring different strengths, I don't want a blank stare when I mention current events. I tend to be attracted to those who are opinionated. If you're smart AND funny AND open minded AND can cook me dinner AND can wink back when I make my special wink, then I'll probably just melt into a puddle. Another turn on is when I'm close to a woman and can smell whatever shampoo they've used. Strange, I know.

You should be relatively down to earth and drama free. Probably a lot to ask about the drama since the word pairs so well with "lesbian," but worth a shot. You should not be flaky as that is one of my biggest pet peeves. I'm rather mature for my age, so please be too if you're the younger side of things. Age range should be mid-twenties to around 39 at the oldest, though I would prefer someone who is my peer. I'm not necessarily against dating older, but want someone in the same life area that I am. You should live in the NYC area. The idea of a long term relationship cannot scare you.

Brownie points if you can: out geek me in Trivial Pursuit, have an English accent, know who Eddie Izzard is, know who Josh Rouse is, live in the Park Slope area, prefer gin to vodka, can dance, like broccoli, and have a membership to any of the museums in town.

Guaranteed ways to get your email deleted: use of all caps, are a man, a couple, a fundamentalist, have children (sorry!), don't eat vegetables, and in no way fits the preferences listed above. This is not an NSA ad, so don't write looking for a hook up.

Your photo and well crafted email gets you my photo and well crafted response.


Tec said...

I just stumbled on your blog and wanted to tell you I love your ad. I'm right out of the running because I have kids, a girlfriend, and live nowhere near NYC (Kansas City), but I think we are kindred spirits and I'll continue to read your blog.

Good luck with OFAG (best acronym ever), although in my experience these things usually hit you upside the head when they're the last thing you're looking for.

nycrouge said...

Yes, KC is rather far away . . .

Please keep coming back! Hopefully OFAG will bear fruit.

ada said...

Didn't expect to get a reminder of *home* here. Just one of those times I'm reminded how true the Disney theme song/ride really is.... Though I *heart* DC, at times I really miss good ole' Kansas City.

Mr. Bad Apologies said...

I will NOT keep commenting if my questions are not answered.

You changed your subject line and I wanted to know what it originally said... At first, I thought J-Wo plagarized you, but that just didn't make sense.

Answer now!

nycrouge said...

Okay, okay. I think it originally said ** gourmands, bon vivants, cinephiles, aesthetes, and intellectuals **

n.maguire said...

Just stumbled across this post and due to incredible tiredness I really thought one of your requirements for a potential partner was "can dance like broccoli".

Which would be interesting.