Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"I think there should be a formal punishment for her flakiness."

Okay, we're moving on. I declared a few blog entries ago that I was taking a break from dating and over the last week my conviction has wavered between two extremes:

• Give up love, romance, and ever getting laid again. Start adopting cats to make up for the fact that only an animal could love my withered heart.

• Return to OFTL with a vengeance. Do not rest until every last Lesbian in all five boroughs are found, tackled, dragged back to my place, and assessed for relationship compatibility.

Of course I chose the middle ground and inquired about adopting a homeless orange stripy kitten that one of my Lesbian Club members found. And then I decided that I need a new strategy.

While hosting brunch at my place Sunday afternoon for my new Lesbian friends, we asked each other to detail our types. You know . . . butch, femme, outgoing, tall, etc. When it came my turn, I realized that I had a very clear view of who I wanted to be dating. Someone smart, an equal, open minded, confident, someone who I can trade wit, someone who has the same aesthetic principles, and can be my partner in crime. Butch or femme doesn't matter -- though I tend to lean towards femme -- so long as there's something sexy to keep me interested.

So why haven't I been dating that?? If I know exactly what I want, why am I not going out there and getting it? Why am I sampling the Lesbian Buffet and picking all the flakes?

Now begins Phase IV of OFTL and it's now Operation Find A Girlfriend. I've been trying to convince myself that I only want to date around, but since I managed to come on too strong with Val and send her running, I need reconcile the fact that my subconscious thinks I am ready for a real relationship.

Hmmmm. Scary.

How am I going to achieve OFAG? (snicker, snicker, OFAG) I will start with a Craigslist ad for scientific research purposes.


el diablo said...

damn! i'm not your type.

the flakes are everywhere. you've just got to drudge on. sometimes flakes are great for getting over stuff.

Mr. Bad Apologies said...

OFAG! I wish I could play. :(

Maybe OFKAG...

EnnuiHerself said...

I'm sorry, what was wrong with option #1? At least cats never borrow your sari and then blow you off. Of course, they might eat your sari, but that's another issue.

Did I ever tell you that having one of my quotes used as a post heading is the absolute highlight of my week?

partygirljessica said...

I wouldn't want to give up dating now that I've met a lot of wonderful guys from webdate dot com.