Thursday, July 27, 2006

"I'll call you when your dad is out of surgery."

Speaking of stars out of alignment, my poor dad tripped and fell at work and blew out the ligaments in both his knees. He is currently walking with the aid of a walker (!) and should be in surgery today followed by 4-6 weeks of BOTH legs in a cast, which means that not only will he have a lot of down time, but he will have to get around with the aid of a wheelchair for 4-8 MONTHS.

Methinks I should take a break from OFAG to take the Jewish Bus down to Maryland and keep him company for a couple of days. I could cook and bring him lots of exciting non-fiction books to read. I suppose when my parents moved to the retirement community for "active adults" a couple of years ago, they didn't think they'd be getting a wheelchair so soon.

Speaking of OFAG, I've gotten a couple of late in the game responses to my CL ad, not to mention the mysteriously intriguing response by one of my anonymous readers buried in the comments section. (Ahem, I'm waiting for a response CL ad -- no pressure, right?). I guess I'm surprised I got any responses since the few friends I showed it to said that it was too intellectual for CL. One of my respondents said that it was a tad bit intimidating. You mean a manifesto isn't supposed to be intimidating?

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J-Wo said...

Come to MD!! You know you want to...and I would even take some time off to entertain you during the work week, when everyone else is stuck at their desks (or in their wheelchairs). Miss you,

Your favorite OFTL tag-along,
Ms. Write Again Soon