Thursday, July 13, 2006

"You know you're clapping for Jesus? And we're Jewish, so that was a little awkward."

On a cold Saturday back in December of 2004 and only a couple of weeks after I moved to New York, Beth and Nils came to visit me in Bushwick. I was so happy to have familiar faces around me as I was still getting over the shock of moving. We decided that night we'd have "Brooklyn Fun" as opposed to Manhattan Fun I guess and we went to Williamsburg to hit a few spots that Neils wanted to visit.

This story is only interesting because we proceeded to have one of those "only in New York" moments. While wandering around North 6th street looking for Galapagos, we stumbled into a music club called, well, North 6th. Inside was the strangest band I have EVER seen (probably a little stranger than the Moldy Peaches) and they were dressed up in nurses costumes and surrounded by grade school-esque set decorations. They sang a song that went, "Dragon ate the love, dragon ate the love sweet love."


We stayed for a few songs, mystified by what we were watching, and then left to find Galapagos only to stumble on a Vaudeville act there. Anyway, a year and a half later I finally figured out that the band I saw was Danielson and apparently they have a movie coming out.

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Red said...

I heart Brooklyn fun! Dragon ate the love,draaaaaaaaagon ate the love, dragon ate the love, SWEEEEEET love! :)