Monday, July 31, 2006

"I hope you two trivial pursuitin' souls find love!!!"

Lying in bed on Sunday morning, tucked under the duvet, and still hungover from the date I had the previous night, I suddenly had the urge to check the w4w section of Craigslist. Why I had this urge is beyond me -- especially since the board is notoriously raunchy and inhabited by men posing as women -- but I traveled the short distance to my computer and clicked to the website. The first listing in the w4w section was a response to my ad and asking me to repost as the original posting had expired.

Holy crap. How's that for eerie timing. I went ahead and reposted the ad so my anonymous suitor could have a second chance to respond. And since reposting the ad, I've gotten nine responses in 24 hours, all of which are of good quality. Most were in the area, but one poster lives in Newark, another lives on Long Island, and another in Amsterdam. It's going to take some time to respond to everyone.

Phase IV OFTL (aka OFAG) marches on and yes I had a date on Saturday. We met late in the evening for red wine and chocolate at Cocoa Bar and had such a good time that when I looked at my watch I was surprised to see that it was already midnight. Since I still wanted another drink, I suggested we go to The Gate for a beer. She had chocolate stout and I had an IPA and we chatted till after 3 am. Success? Possibly . . .

Meanwhile I have a lot of CL responses to sift through.

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Mr. Bad Apologies said...

Yay OFAG! Someday soon, you might have moved on to Operation Retain a Girlfriend--ORAG!