Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"I appreciate you trying to do this but lesbians aren't really into this kinda group thing."

I need a new focus.

I could either continue with "OFTL: The Poobah Strikes Back" or I could focus on . . .

• Getting a new job
• Developing a couple of book ideas
• Developing my freelance business
• Developing better spending and saving habits

Or since it's summer, I could just enjoy the company of my minions and work on further stocking my harem with hot single women. Yes, I think that idea might have promise.

Since disovering that Val was a big poo, I've felt directionless. Dating has also lost its appeal and I feel more inclined to make use of my recent purchase from Babeland. Launching a new OFTL offensive could be a good way to spend the summer, but the thought of all that effort makes me want to take a nap.

Probably the reason I'm tired is because I spent every day of this long holiday weekend engaged in some sort of booze/pot filled adventure. Ooops! Highlights include burlesque at Galapagos, Nacho Libre for Drunken Movie, taking care of Holly as she vomited in the movie theater bathroom, and watching 4th of July fireworks from the "roof roof" of a Park Slope apartment. At the end of the fireworks and between tequila toasts to Brooklyn and Lesbian Club, my minions chanted, "Grand Poobah!!"

Aw, my Lesbian Club loves me!

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