Thursday, July 20, 2006

"Your ad is completely charming."

I ended up writing that Craigslist ad, spending nearly an hour and a half crafting something that would convey to a (hopefully) hot single Lesbian who I was and what I was looking for. Perhaps I was too specific because I have only gotten two responses in 24 hours: one was from a 37 year old woman and the other was someone who described themselves as "thick" and seemed to have not read my ad at all. I guess I'm not surprised. The love of my life is not lurking on the w4w board? Shocking.

In other news I need to do laundry. Seriously. It's mission critical, code red, blaring sirens bad. I think I'm down to two or three pairs* of underwear. I'm amazed I can still find something to dress myself with in the morning. I was supposed to do it after work on Monday, but it was 10,000 degrees outside. Then I was going to do it after work on Tuesday, but it was 9,999 degrees and it was supposed to storm. Then I was going to do it last night. "I must do laundry tonight. I must do laundry tonight," I told myself as I walked home from work. As I put the key in the door, my conviction faltered and the internal negotiations began.

If I don't do laundry tonight, I can always buy new underwear as a stop gap. I still have some cleanish clothes I think. But wait, I can't do laundry on Thursday or Friday or Saturday. What about Sunday? I don't have anything planned, do I?

As soon as I get in the door, Wendy calls.

"Hey Rouge, you wanna come get a drink? We're thinking of going to that Belgian place you like."

"I'll be there in 20 minutes."

* Side note: Why do we say "pairs of underwear" when it's only one item? Pairs of socks? Yeah, two socks make a pair. Pairs of underwear? Maybe if it was two separate pieces of fabric for the ass cheeks. But who wants underwear that needs to be assembled?


J-Wo said...

Can I offer you some non-solicited advice? While your ad was PERFECT, I thought the title was too much. You seemed non-fun, and perhaps a little scary. Maybe something more along the lines of "gourmand, intellectual, dirty-talker ISO wit and bedroom eyes".

Good luck.

nycrouge said...

Argh, scary? I like your non-solicited advice. I think I will try and change it.

Mr. Bad Apologies said...

Hey! You changed it and now I don't know what it originally said... At first, I thought J-Wo plagarized you, but that just didn't make sense.

sm said...

hmm, i guess i waited too long trying to craft my own witty response to your ad. maybe i'll post one of my own, "ISO smart, dirty-talking foodie with zest for travel and adventure."

nycrouge said...

Well that would certainly broach the "Oh by the way, I have a blog . . ." conversation much quicker than anticipated.

Fortune favors the brave.