Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"Your mind intrigues me and I enjoy the fact that you can form complete sentences in an artful manner."

Lesbians who have seriously flirted with me: 3
Lesbians who have seriously flirted with me who happen to be friends: 3
Lesbians tackled: 0
Lesbians taken off tackling list as would cause friendship implosion: 2
Responses to Dating Manifesto: 14
First dates: 1
Second dates: 0
Ex-flings spotted with their new girlfriends: 1
Lesbian p*rn DVDs borrowed from friend: 3

Well, July was an interesting month. Not only has it been a month and a half since I last saw Val, much less heard from her, but Saturday's date underscored that OFAG is moving in the right direction. And who knew I'd run into Anne with presumably her new girlfriend? Oh boy was that awkward!

In the meantime I can remind myself that Saturday Night Date Girl asked if I'd like to get together again. Also one of my CL repliers wants to get together -- possibly tonight. I heart being popular.

In other news, I'll be in DC this weekend (Howard County is a more accurate description) so if anyone would like to rescue me from Cow Country, Maryland, I will be free. Though I should mention that I do need to spend some quality time with my ailing father.

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Dorothy Snarker said...

Your ad was – as expected – delightful, delicious and delovely. By the sound of some of your recent headings, looks like at least a couple of your responders got it. Too bad I live on the other side of the continent. But I will be in Amsterdam in October...

By the way, I am ridiculously flattered that you linked to my blog. Lord, was that an accident? Since it is mostly for my own edification, I’m always astonished when anyone fancies my off-kilter musing on celebrities, fame and really cute women. Thanks again. I’m enjoying your OFAG exploits tremendously (almost as much as I enjoy the acronym). Cheers.

nycrouge said...

No, Ms. Snarker, it wasn't an accident. Your witty observations on gay themed media news is precisely the midday refreshment I'm looking for. May we all be sandwiched between Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek. Or at least may I be 'cause I'll fight anyone for the opportunity.

As for Amsterdam, alas. It looks as though things are getting pushed back to January.

H said...

As a resident close to HoCo, if you're up for tubing with this homo stranger and her homo stranger friends (who are all taken, but at least you'd be hanging out with lesbians), feel free. We may be doing that because of the insane heat this week.

Hope your dad's doing better!

nycrouge said...

OFTL meets The River Wild? I smell disaster. Oh wait, tubing not rafting. I suppose you haven't heard that me and the outdoors have a tenuous relationship.

Homo strangers are definitely preferable to straight ones ;) Likewise if you're closer to Washington or MoCo, I propose margaritas and lots of AC.

H said...

Funny, I just saw that movie for the first time recently. Kevin Bacon sure can be creepy.

Anywho, the tubing plans have been changed anyway. Now we're biking. If i don't die of heat stroke first, margaritas and AC could work nicely.

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