Thursday, August 10, 2006

"Two days without a post?"

Two days, people. TWO DAYS. Are you in that much suspense? Well here you go:

• I had a second date on Tuesday that went well -- or as well as can be expected. Like I said previously, we had Indian and then went to see Little Miss Sunshine, which was excellent, if not a little cringeworthy. SNDG and I have a nice raport, but I can't figure out if it's friend raport or sexual raport. Guess we'll have to make out and see. Also there's the niggling question of whether her self identified bi-ness is "I've never kissed a girl, but would like to try it" kind of bi or "I've had both boyfriends and girlfriends" kind of bi. Guess we'll have to get drunk and find out.

• I somehow thought it was a good idea to cook a sitdown dinner for 10 people this coming Sunday. Those who have seen my apartment will find this undertaking humorous.

• I have a job interview on Monday. Yeah, baby! Time to leave the world of gastroenterology.

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Mr. Bad Apologies said...

I imagine that the four days of silence are due, in part, to the dinner party. Hope it went well!