Monday, August 07, 2006

"She said you two decided to just be friends."

Generally I'm pretty meh about the whole Val thing. A month does not equal a whole lot of emotional investment even with the previous friendship. However somedays, I get REALLY PISSED.

Like today.

If I could emit the loudest roar that could be heard across five boroughs -- the kind of roar I heard when Italy won the World Cup, a fearsome roar that would let her and every last person know that I was very, very displeased -- I would. My vengeance would seek her out, traveling the Q line into Brooklyn and into Ditmas Park. A fear would creep into her like a slow malaise, the lights would dim, and a long maddening silence would forshadow the loudest roar not unlike a tidal wave sweeping along Flatbush Avenune. And thus would begin a hundred days of darkness and bad dating karma. Woman and children would weep and men would shake their fists at the sky.

Oh yes, I would.

But since I cannot and I only have this blog and my resourcefulness with words to describe my supreme irritation, I will instead leave all you readers with one piece of relationshp advice:

If you are dating someone -- man or woman -- and sleeping with them, it is HIGHLY uncool to just suddenly disappear. Return that phone call, return that email, and say what you have to say in person. Because to do otherwise is to be a coward.


Red said...

Well, since you brought up the World Cup final, if you do see her again, here is some reading material to help prepare.

EnnuiHerself said...

I make a long distace velociraptor scream in commiseration.