Friday, January 26, 2007

"That's the best wrong answer in the history of wrong answers."

When I started Operation Prove Me Wrong, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. Would I get any responses? Were there actually sane AND single lesbians out there? Ms. Snarker was quick to comment, but eliminated herself by doubting her own sanity. Hmmm. I also received this from one reader:

* Myself: I'm a divorcing, bi girl in a committed relationship with lesbian girlfriend.
* Friend #1: married lesbian in long-distance dating relationship with another married lesbian.
* Friend #2: divorcing lesbian in a committed relationship with lesbian girlfriend.
* Friend #3: single girl of questionable orientation who is currently experimenting with kissing women.
* Friend #4: lesbian in a committed relationship with lesbian girlfriend.

Sweet Jesus. You realize, anonymous reader, that your life sounds like an L Word episode. Then again, so does mine. In the words of another one of my readers, this has me concerned, very, very concerned. But before my faith in the lesbian world faltered, I received these nominations:

* My friend is super creative. She used to be a tattoo artist, but now does all her artwork on canvas, wood, or window shades.
* She tends to be somewhat shy in crowds of people, but warms up rather quickly.
* She is very warm and compassionate towards animals and humans, and finds great joy in working with handicapped/special needs children.
* She isn't flighty or irresponsible, nor is she arrogant or insincere.
* She is very authentic, and intense (but not too intense, mind).
* She is fit, and very cute.

I think we're making progress here, ladies . . .

* I suppose you could stick me into the creative-type category as well. I play the drums and fool around on the guitar. I also write, draw and paint.
* This feels strange.
* I'm pre-shrunk, have a good relationship with my family, and am very introspective.
* I've been deliberately single for quite a while, and am very comfortable being alone. My friends think I need to date more, and I think they might be right. I'm independent. A bit too much so.
* I think my best quality is my ability and desire to communicate with others. Processing is fun!
* I am also not particularly flighty, or irresponsible, and I consider myself to be a genuine and kind person.
* I'm dead sexy. Well, I'm slightly awkward and nerdy, but I've been told it's sexy.
* I have a cat, but I don't enjoy herbal tea.

Single ladies. "Dead sexy" single AND sane AND they live in the New York City area. This gives me so much hope, but keep your nominations coming -- my email address is in my profile. And remember, my little lesbians, that your cat is not a substitute for love and affection, but good for keeping the lap warm.


La said...

I usually read your blog with an RSS reader and I don't usually see your I am wondering how long "Why do you shape you entire life around your particular choice of diviant [sic] behavior??" -- anon has been up?

nycrouge said...

Since one of my more charming readers decided to comment on one of my entries.