Thursday, January 04, 2007

"Totally screwed."

The problem with scheduling a big trip after the holiday season is that it's not until after New Year's that I really began to think about my trip to Amsterdam and England. When am I going? Uh, like, six days.

Totally screwed.

This is my first trip to Amsterdam, my sixth to London, and my first to Nottingham. Check out my itinerary. New York to London, switch planes, arrive in Amsterdam. Next day head back to London, eat dinner with friends, stay over with another friend, take an early morning train to Nottingham, go to wedding, go back to London next day, stay with friends, fly back to Amsterdam, meet back up with American friends, fly back to New York on Wednesday. Doesn't sound like much of a vacation, right? I need to factor in a massage somewhere. Did I mention I was broke too?

Totally screwed.


dorothy snarker said...

So how many days will you actually be in Amsterdam? It does sound rather hectic. But in lieu of a massage, I suggest frequent visits to the city’s many fine coffee shops. Plus, it’s relatively cheap (6-10 Euro per gram) and fucking amazing. The menus alone boggle the mind.

dorothy snarker said...

p.s. Best wishes for a continually, unapologetically, deliciously diviant 2007.

Ms. Write Again Soon said...

Sniff sniff.

Poor Ms. Rouge, who is forced out of her apartment to galavant around the globe.

Poor Ms. Rouge, who is so popular as to require multiple in-and-out-of-country visits to England and the Netherlands.

Poor Ms. Rouge, who will surely be partaking of the Amsterdam delights while her American friends fret away under the "just say no and while you're at it don't have sex either" regime.

Not a lot of sympathy here, my dear.

nycrouge said...

I hear, uh, that coffee is strong in Amsterdam.