Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Enjoy the, uh, coffee."

Things I realized on my trip abroad:

* Vomiting is an inherently private act and doing so in public is best avoided.

* Given a pinch, friends will miraculously come through in the end.

* Sometimes it's best to travel alone.

* When booking rail services in Britain, best to do so in advance to get the best rate.

* Luton Airport isn't as close to London as I thought.

* Amsterdam is lovely, especially the Dutch aesthetic.

* Getting stoned and going to the Rijksmuseum is a perfectly lovely way to spend a rainy Tuesday afternoon.

* Never fly American Airlines for international flights.

* Never eat anything that comes out of Terminal 9 at JFK Airport.

* When I die, and if I am a bad little girl, my hell will be the Sisyphean task of going back and forth between Heathrow's Terminal 3 and 4 while jet lagged, dirty, and suffering from food poisoning.

Now a confession:

For all my libertine tendencies, I'm not a drug user. My experience with drugs has been limited the occasional joint passed around at a party. I'm okay with that as I do quite alright with drinking alone.


tec said...

Pshaw! I'm little short of a card carrying pothead, and that still looks better than most of the joints I've rolled.

Glad you had at least a little fun on the trip from hell!

nycrouge said...

If the first looks good, the second one I rolled was brilliant.

LN James said...

Day late/dollar short on this, but that j totally looks like a very thin piece of saltwater taffy, the way you've got the ends twisted. It's cute!