Friday, June 13, 2008

"Dear Taxpayer . . ."

Fucking IRS government pigs.

So back in May I, like many other people in this country, wondered when my stimulus check would arrive. I was taunted by other people's stories about how they spent their blood money windfall even though I had planned to put it away towards such sensible things like bills and savings. The IRS evening mailed me a note a couple weeks ago saying that I should have my check by May 31st.

The thing is that I got another piece of mail from the IRS yesterday saying that they took my stimulus and applied it to the $1,500 I owe them for 2007 taxes.


7 comments: said...


Ok, I didn't just laugh. Nope. LOL

But they did the same thing to Jess.

EnnuiHerself said...

Oh dear. That sucks and blows. :(

Am I going to have to worry about you and your financial situation? Don't make me drive to Brooklyn and put you on a budget . . . I'm handy with an Excel sheet.

Anonymous said...

That`s just mean!!!

Anonymous said...

Blaming the IRS for your poor choices isn't healthy. Besides, the IRS is actually doing you a financial favor by applying "your" stimulus check to your tax liability. My advice to you is to get rid of said liability as soon as possible as it can grow exponentially if you're not prudent. I found that out the hard way.

Trust me, I've been a professional waiter for twenty years and used to be mad at the IRS most of the time until I grew up and realized that my failure to have a budget, goals and a living situation that fit my income (regardless of how "uncool" it might have been) was my fault-not the poor slobs busting their butts at a government job.

Paying your estimated taxes quarterly is certainly not exciting, but then who wants headaches that most certainly could have been avoided?

You're a smart girl...use your head.

Ms. K said...

Being a judgmental asshat is not particularly healthy either, anonymous. Perhaps you should use your head.

Anonymous said...

Tell your girlfriend to lighten up...and grow up while she's at it.

cecelia said...

So, actually, while poor budgeting is never a great plan on life, I think that the point is missed by the anonymous poster. The money was sent out as an economic stimulus, not as a refund, not as a partial payment, but as a stimulus, which they advertised as a invitation to shop and revitalize the economy. So, it is particularly harsh that the IRS, in it parens patriae role, decides that it knows how a person ought to spend their stimulus package. It is effing annoying when the government promises some free cash and then takes it away. Besides, the IRS offers a handy payment plan to those of us with unresolved tax issues.