Thursday, June 19, 2008

"I often find that in spite of your tendency toward loving self deprecation, you are incredibly world-wise."

Sorry for losing my shit yesterday, dear readers. Was it the full moon? It's just that the last thing I wanted to hear after everything I've been through is that I need to grow up. (Jesus, it's like listening to my mom.) But believe it or not I love blog comments. I live for the blog comments, especially the really kind and supportive ones from Curly and heretofore lurking readers.

So anyone want to ask me something? Anyone?


Sleepy said...

Hope you are feeling better..

I find total blog spazz outs very therapeutic myself.
Keep up the good work!

thenewgirl said...

I'll be moving to NYC soon and I think I'm ready to come out. Where can I scope out some cute Lesbians (other than the clubs)?

danamitey said...

I have a question...has the manual for OFAG been printed yet...I could use a copy

Iris said...

I just found your blog recently -gotta love the clickety-clicking through, doncha? I was clicking with abandon that day and don't even remember how I got to your blog. Anyway, I have been enjoying reading your posts immensely! Thanks for putting yourself out there.

I am also working on the financial and emotional stuff. Perhaps one day I'll be ready to follow your lead with OFAG; right now I'm embracing Operation Loving Being Single For The First Time In A Long Time (But I Do Miss The Kissing). Hm, have to work on that name.

Again, thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

What is your favorite music group, nycrouge?

Also, as an aside to thenewgirl, as a long-time New York resident, I'd be happy to show you around when you come here. Email me at

Nelfy said...

I don't really have a question, but I wanted to say that I started blogging less than a month ago and I'm already unloading emotional crap into my blog. I feel like the things I can't talk about to my friends are easier to write down and as my friends don't read my blog, I don't have to worry that someone I actually know will talk to me about it. So I get that blogging can be just a great way to let some steam off and to really be honest, even if it might hurt or make you feel vulnerable. Don't worry about it, enjoy it! (sorry about the english, I'm bad in english word order, it's not my mother tongue)