Monday, June 30, 2008

"I would like a vodka martini."

Life isn't exactly all sunshine and smiles at the moment, but (!) there is a bright spot. Ms. K has been bartending pretty frequently at the new Brooklyn Bridge pop-up park, which is down by the Dumbo waterfront and the new waterfalls installation. It's kind of like a beer garden with killer views of lower Manhattan and while pulling pints in the summer heat might be a drag, here's to hoping the money puts us back on track.

In the meantime Ms. K entertains me with stories of the people who stop by the park. Like the lost British tourists who succumbed to successive rounds of pints while missing every water taxi back to Manhattan. And then there was the man who missed the fact that the bar only served beer and wine, succumbing to Ms. K's snarky sense of humor.

"I would like a vodka martini," the man ordered.

"So would I. Where are we going to get one?"


1 comment:

Sleepy said...

Once us Brits find a good pint we like to stick with it!
The trouble is, we tend to find your beer a bit weak.

My home town often hosts the American Fleet and the stories of 'ruffty tuffty' sailors being drunk under the table by 16 year old girls are legend!