Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"Do you ever shut the fuck up?"

I went to BAM yesterday with Ms. K to see the Sex and the City movie and while I enjoyed the movie, I didn't enjoy the hoards of women who forgot that they were watching a movie . . . . because they spent the whole fucking movie -- all two and a half hours worth -- talking like they were at home watching the show with their best friends. Jesus-fucking-Christ. Talk much? And when they weren't talking they were doing this high pitch squeal thing that I last heard when I was a teenager. I think the exact words Ms. K said to one of the worst offenders were, "Do you ever shut the fuck up?"

Not that I'm one for scenes, but I guess the question had to be asked.

Anyway, I had a couple of thoughts when I was watching the movie. One, I wish I had smuggled in a flask. It definitely would have taken the edge off. Two, I connected with the movie's overall themes of the dirty, messy reality of love (although I didn't connect with the gratuitous product placement and rampant consumerism, but whatevs -- I enjoyed the movie).

Ms. K and I have been dealing with some heavy personal stuff outside of our relationship. It's rough, but we are there for each other. Every time it feels like we get ahead, we hit another unforeseen setback. I remind myself that we'll get there -- I have faith. And I will use this new moon to manifest my goals for this summer.

Namely for us to bring in enough income so we can move and start a life together.

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