Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Like that. But crankier."

June 18th.

That's the day that Ms. K has decided to quit smoking. She told me to prepare myself. Kevlar armor? A chloroform soaked rag? I asked her how she fared the other times she tried to quit smoking.

"You know how cranky I was the other morning?" she pointed out as I watched her smoke a cigarette out the kitchen window.

"Yeah," I responded, remembering that she was quite the little cranky lady when we ran out of coffee.

"Like that. But crankier."

Oh boy!

For those out there who don't live in New York, cigarettes recently went up to $9 a pack, which in turn was enough to prompt Ms. K to start "thinking" about quitting. An order of free nicotine patches later, and I picked a date for her to begin the program.

So June 18th! The box that the nicotine patches came in was regrettably lacking in chloroform and Kevlar supplies.


Natazzz said...

When I quit smoking I was a total bitch (among other things) for at least 3 months. Just sayin'.

Good luck Ms. K.

Anonymous said...

Troubles on the out, 'cause you could start smoking like a stressful reaction to Ms.K's delicate nerves ;)
Just kiddin' of course!

Sleepy said...

$9! Jaysus!
I thought I had it bad at nearly £5!

Lu said...

I am usually a shy reader who doesn't write comments, so, first of all, may I just say I Adore Your Blog. It's been almost an year since I started reading it, and, Rouge, you know how to keep me entertained (and I say that as a great compliment).

Now, as a Brazilian smoker, may I just say I am appalled at how much a pack costs up there! I already cringe at the thought of spending U$3 at a pack, and that would be one of the most expensive ones (a Marlboro pack here is less than U$2).

On the other hand, I would kill to pay the prices Americans do for electronics. iPods are ridiculously expensive down here—and everything Apple-related for that matter.

Ok, I'll stop rambling now! Keep up the good writing, and send my love to Ms. K!

Natazzz said...

Uhm Sleepy..."nearly 5 pound" is actually the same as $ 9(The geek in me just couldn't resist).

Sleepy said...

natazzz.. Hahaha! Thanks, not sure what the exchange rate is at the moment!
I also have the luck to be on the south coast of the UK where all the smokers bugger off to France for cheaper supplies!

Dylan said...

NINE DOLLARS A PACK! Damn, I better quit smoking myself. I don't think it's quite that bad yet in Boston... probably near seven dollars when rounded up... but still... a pack a week habit and I'm not yet convinced I'd rather have the money in my pocket. Ugh.

I hope you both survive the quitting process! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger... in this case, quite literally for the smoking party.