Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Rocking the HD"


Where's my stimulus check?

Everyone else seems to have their blood money courtesy of Satan George W. Bush and I want in on the action.

While I patiently wait to get stimulated, has been really helpful in getting me prepared to help the economy. Per the suggestions of its readers, I could buy:

* An HD television (Made in China!)
* A trip to Mexico
* Ikea bedroom furniture (Yay Sweden!)
* An assault rifle (Yay 2nd Amendment!)

While these are lovely ideas, I think I will save the money after buying some new makeup from Sephora, a French company, and getting this little guy. (But that rifle looks might-tee tempting.) However should I decide to change my mind, this "George Bush Memorial Dyson" vacuum looks like a nice idea.

1 comment:

MLC said...

I think you should let George know just what you plan to stimulate with your check -- perhaps that is why it's taking so long?