Thursday, May 01, 2008

"Sounds like the universe may be making the decision for you."

Universe: 2. Rouge: 0.

Right. The lesson is to never tempt fate. Or is it that everything happens for a reason?

Yesterday morning Ms. K and I revisited our conversation about moving in together. Was this something we wanted to do? Was it too soon? When would this happen? These questions were tempered by the fact that Ms. K has been in limbo -- her dog has been at her brother's house in Pennsylvania, her stuff has been in storage since January, and she's been crashing with me since late March. I can understand that she's yearning for some sort of permanency. But there's also a financial factor to our reasoning. Could we save money on rent? Could we afford to move? Was it smarter for her to get her own place until my lease was up? Could we wait another year to live together?

Getting into this conversation right when I should have been on a subway train for work was a bad move and I ended up being more than an hour late to work. We opted to continue talking over lunch at the Shake Shack to answer some of the questions we raised that morning.

Then the Universe decided to make the decision for me.

When I got to work I saw that my landlord had emailed me again. His elderly, asthmatic, cat adverse grandmother will be moving into the house this summer. My cats, unfortunately, were going to be a problem. He wasn't being douchey and forcing me to leave -- in fact I could tell he felt awful -- but I understood the predicament he was in. Lord knows I wouldn't want to be responsible for giving a 87 year old woman a respiratory infection.

I was left with three options -- (1) move out of my apartment of three years; (2) get rid of the cats; (3) or stay in the apartment with the cats and risk killing an old lady. These were all awesome options.

So I am choosing to move out this summer . . . and to move in with Ms. K! It seems like kismet. She needs a place; I will need to move unexpectedly. We could wait, but since she works bar hours we'd never see each other. So we will continue to talk serious logistics -- especially about how to get a 100 lb golden retriever and two frightened cats to get along.

Ditmas Park here I come?


Anonymous said...

Exiting! Love the blog, started reading about 6 months ago and have been through the archives. I'm happy everything is going so well for you.

Sally said...

Just listen to the Universe.... The same thing happened to me. Only I had to move back to New York from Berlin and start a long distance relationship! But maybe everything is happening so ou two can move in together! Good luck with everything!