Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Why don't you quit school and . . ."

Sorry for a lack of updates, dear readers. I have been trying to think up inventive ways to whore myself for the money that I'll need to move this summer. There's my previously mentioned waitressing idea, but those in my life have pointed out that I have never waitressed before. Touché!

I once worked in food service, a hellacious summer working for Dairy Queen at the ripe ol' child labor exploiting age of 13. They paid me in cash and I got to wait on cranky, sunburned tourists who came from the nearby beach, one of whom told me I should "quit school and become a prostitute" because I fucked up the cash register while ringing up his order for an ice cream cone. Apparently, in his mind, my teenaged stupidity was only good for the adult services industry.

My manager thankfully overheard after I made the guy repeat it because I was far too shocked and thought maybe I heard him wrong the first time. He was dutifully kicked him out for being a misogynist asshole and I ran into the back, bursting into tears. The manager's Greek grandmother then tried to console me with her very limited English before resorting to a hug.

If that ain't experience, I don't know what is.

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