Thursday, May 29, 2008

"I'm glad that you are trying to stay positive."

There was something suspiciously metaphorical about Ms. K's car, which was in need of a jump-start. Marooned on a Brooklyn street corner, her two year old Jetta's battery was dead and for added effect a $45 parking ticket was tucked neatly under the windshield wiper.

Blurg. Blurgity blurg.

As we surveyed the damage, car hood propped up like a white flag of surrender, I began to wonder if it wasn't just the car that wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon. You all may remember that earlier this month Ms. K and I had decided to move in together sometime around the first of July. With only a month until this deadline, we've become acutely aware the despite our best efforts the Universe is not playing along. Or at least it's making us work fifteen thousand times harder to make it happen.

First there's her long sought after job that she barely makes any money at and the subsequent lack of funds to pay her bills -- let alone money to move. Then there's my less that ideal financial situation, which I'm trying to remedy by drumming up some freelance web and graphic design work. And finally there's the car. $200 for a new car battery, a can of WD-40, metric socket wrenches, and a parking ticket. (Don't get me started on the price of gas.)

My point is that it looks like both of us need a jump-start, a surge of energy to get the gears whirling in our lives and our goals that much closer because we're both tapped out.

Can we have that please?


ms. write again soon said...

But when you do get some extra cash, aren't you glad to know that you have the option of eco-friendly lesbian travel?


Mouthy said...

ummm...this may be one of these times when a well-meaning but underinformed friend makes an overly simplistic suggestion, but what about selling the car?

aside from road trips, what do you need a car in new york for?

mr. man and i are looking for one...