Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Slope & the City."

So I don't really comment much on pop culture -- I will leave that to others -- but I learned that the creator of Sex in the City is developing a television show to be set in Brooklyn's Park Slope . . . and I threw up a little bit in my mouth. I also thought back to the recent New York Times article about the Carrie Bradshawification of Manhattan and shuddered to think that something similar would happen to Brooklyn.

Then I threw up a little bit again.

For the record I don't live in Park Slope; I live in Lefferts Gardens (although that might be changing soon). Park Slope is nice for getting a drink or bite to eat or ogling some pretty sweet brownstone architecture, but I wouldn't want to live there.

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Before Park Slope was home to roving packs of hyperliterate thirty-something hetero couples pushing their $800 Maclaren strollers, the neighborhood was alternately known as "Dyke" Slope. This old timey connection to The Gays lives on in the neighborhood's three gay bars, but for the most part the dykes have migrated away and left a power vacuum that was filled with pregnancy. (Here's hoping the benzene doesn't have any lasting pre-natal effects.)

Although, according to the New York Post, the project has yet to be cast or greenlighted, the news that Park Slope Mommy is possibly getting her own cable show has been met with horror and not just by me. I read the Post article and discovered:

Sue Kramer, who wrote and directed the 2006 romantic comedy "Gray Matters" starring Heather Graham, Bridget Moynahan and Molly Shannon, is writing the script.

What? The same Gray Matters that I watched last year and wanted to gouge my eyes out after only 30 minutes? But here's my question. Since Gray Matters had a lesbian plot line, should America expect this untitled project to be the east coast version of The L Word? The L World 11215 if I may?


kimberlyd. said...'s my (internal) conflict with this post and so many other articles i read with similar sentiment. while i am no longer a manhattanite, was never a hyperliterate thirty-something hetero, nor a mother who would take her twins to share juice boxes and gin and tonics at the local pub, i am a woman who at first glance, often gets mistaken for this "type" when back in the city.
here in the burbs, at toddler swim and gym, it is often assumed depending on who takes them, that either my partner or I am the nanny because of what i can only assume to be our "hipster" style. when we are all together, we often get strange looks as people try to figure out the relationship between us and our children (she is biracial, i am eaurasian, but our twins look like either one of us). then of course, there is the bold stranger who voices their assumption, "oh youre the nanny", " no im the mother", looking at the other "oh YOURE the nanny".."no, im the other mother"...the questions continue until we cut it short.
so, coming back to my point....i am in between these two worlds, and am comfortable with that. i dont want to , nor will i fit into a comfortable little box so people know how to deal with me.
i enjoy going to concerts and will take the twins to appropriate venues i.e. outdoor daytime festivals. i love my gin and tonics, but if i want to enjoy a drink with the kids, i will have it at home while they enjoy thier juice box. if i want to go to the pub, it will be without the twins. i have a city jogger, but will not clip your heals and complain under my breath about you being insensitive for being in my way. i have a nanny, but it is because we both work full time, not because we have the disposable income and i need to go to the spa.
of course the dichotomy here is perspective depending on my geographical location....interestingly enough, these locations are less then 15 miles away. i will never be the affluent stroller-pusher with a sense of entitlement, and i resent being mistaken for one. no i am not the nanny, yes i am lesbian, yes i do work, and i will dress the way i feel comfortable with and listen to music i like even if you think it is a quarter/mid life crisis.
i've been reading your kick ass blog for over a year now, and i just wanted to give you another perspective from someone who treads the line of 2 worlds. oh....congratulations on your exploits and future happiness with ms.k. let her know ebay has proton packs on the cheap should you go all sigourney weaver again.

nycrouge said...

Thanks, kimberlyd. I understand that it's easy to stereotype all parents in the vein of those who inhabit Park Slope. But I know that there is a firm majority of parents in the rest of the world who are completely in touch with reality and teaching their children the value of staying grounded.

So bravo for gently treading between two worlds while still keeping your wits. Raising a child is hard enough, but twins?! And with two mothers no less. Also I can't imagine how I would react to the (not so) subtle racism of being confused for the nanny.

Hope you keep reading. I'm off to find the Key Master.

kimberlyd. said...

after rereading my rant/post….i feel a little like an ass because my diatribe was not so much about your post, but exhibit a. so uh…thanks for being the catalyst for the repressed distain I have towards those-who-must-not-be-named. on another note…as much as most of us try to stay away from the uhaul cliché…i think at this point, the moving in thing is not only pragmatic, but part of the natural progression of the relationship. the hard part sounds like the meshing of the cats and dog. besides, moving in together will give you a good excuse to have a party and collect housewarming gifts. looks like the key master has found you!