Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"my vote is that you're more tactful next time."

I should note that I have been known to be snarky upon occasion and despite my love of/reliance upon the word fuck and its many forms, my deft use of the English language can come across as a tad bit acerbic. Lovable, but pointed at times, yes? Maybe that's what initially attracted Ms. K to my blog -- that and our common love of author Ian McEwan.

Our relationship can also be snarky. We both have lightning fast minds* and often our verbal exchanges ricochet back and forth as if we're trying to best each other with one liners. Originally when Ms. K and I started dating, I played a little rough, which led her to think I was mean and kind of a bitch. (Sorry, honey.) Thankfully we've cleared up that misconception and I've learned to pull my punches. (Only a little.)

When Ms. K and I had a date for lunch last week, she confessed that she was afraid that she was coming across as an asshole on my blog. Fair point since you, dear reader, only know what I tell you. The thing is that our exchanges go both ways and I feel more inclined to write about what happens to me (in addition to mining comedy gold) because, well, it's my blog.

Anyway, blah blah blah. I didn't want you all to think that I was being verbally abused. I have a very snarky relationship with my mother, which is probably how I learned to show love (in the form of biting criticism). When Ms. K was making fun of my BGP, she had no idea that she was tapping into some Fat Girl shame and felt awful about it when she read my blog. The thing is that she absolutely adores me as I am and would worship my body if she could. We've gotten so comfortable with each other that we've started playing a little rough again. That and we're living with each other in a small apartment, so our words are bound to be a little sharper than usual. But I will say that we also relieve tension with copious amounts of hot lesbian sex (after she removes any extraneous toilet paper).

I'll leave you with this link to when we first started dating, a time when I mercilessly gave her her own fair share of shit. All good natured, yes?

* Except when I'm doing simple arithmetic apparently.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww,I don't think that Ms. K is an asshole. She sounds really cute and funny to me.