Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Caution: Contents may be hot and delicious."

"Was it really necessary to devote two blog entries to bourbon?" Ms. K asked from behind the opened screen of her laptop.

"Yes. Yes it was," I replied with mock indignation.

From the other room I saw her overnight bag in the corner with its contents spilling onto the oriental rug in my bedroom. Her hair serum joined her perfume on my dresser only inches from her brush. On the nearby coffee table rested her cigarettes and lighter.

You wouldn't be mistaken in thinking that Ms. K has kinda been living with me as her stretches between going back to Pennsylvania have gotten longer and longer. It's the first time I've lived with a lover, even if in a quasi way, since 1999. Although we've been very careful to avoid any U-haul-esque behavior, her recent run of Dickensian like bad luck had made it better financially for her visits to be longer as she looks for work in New York. Basically it's costing roughly $70 in gas and tolls to go back and forth between Brooklyn and Pennsylvania, an expense that quickly adds up.

Despite the stress of what Ms. K has had to endure recently, I have to say that it has been really nice waking up next to her in the mornings as it has been coming home to her propped up in my bed with her laptop (even if she does question the subject matter of my blog entries). She's pretty, smells nice, and is especially cute when she's sleeping. We get along great opting to spend days off in bed or walking through Prospect Park and Park Slope. The only things we fight about are who gets to cook dinner, what gets cooked for dinner, movie selection, and why my cats can't magically turn into dogs.

Hopefully all good portents, right?

(Ms. K sent me the ecard shown at the top of this entry this morning. Obviously we get along in the bedroom too.)

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