Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Thieves! Thievery!"

The short explanation, only because it relates somewhat to the events of this morning, of why I was crying to strangers on Tuesday is that Ms. K has had a recent Dickensian like streak of gargantuan bad luck that has put a very large wrench into her plans of returning to New York City permanently. Whatever lot of misfortune you could possibly be thinking of has happened to her in the last six months. (Okay, maybe not that shark attack that you over there in Australia were thinking of. Knock on wood, right?)

I got myself into a state of tears as I was worried that these series of misadventures would suddenly get the better of my relationship with Ms. K. Sometimes fear gets the better of me because I'm human. It happens. I feel bad that she has gone through so much and I've had to learn how to be there for someone who's getting a really shitty deal from the lords of fate.

So this morning's discovery that Ms. K got her car window smashed will hopefully serve as a punctuation to a bad run of luck. The good news is that while it looks like someone was trying to steal the car -- the door was jimmied in one place and the driver's seat was moved back -- they gave up on that plan for whatever reason. Thankfully nothing was stolen* and the car was still there this morning minus the driver's side window.

As she attempted to clean up the damage, Ms. K got to meet the nice people who live on my block as they stopped by to offer their sympathy. A man sweeping the sidewalk near Ms. K's car gave her a plastic bag to put the one billion pieces of broken auto glass into. One woman gave her consolation mostly in French (there are a lot of Hatians in my neighborhood), but knew enough English to say, "Theives! Theivery!"

Yes. Yes indeed. Glass thieves.

Another woman suggested that maybe someone threw something heavy at the window.

"Maybe," Ms. K replied, "but if someone was playing a late night game of 'catch the brick' don't you think there would be something left in the car?"

Fair point.

After the cops arrived and wrote up their report, I came and helped Ms. K brush the rest of the glass off her seat -- no small feat, especially without coffee.

"At least you won't have to roll down the window when you want to smoke a cigarette," I joked. Really, all you can do is joke at this point.

So here's an idea, everyone. How about you all out there in blog reading land -- from Senegal to India, Michigan to New Zealand -- send some collective good vibes to Ms. K. Girlfriend needs it!

** Update **

Ms. K's TomTom, an annoyingly named and portable GPS system, was stolen. But ho! The thing was broken-ish and with any luck the thief (thieves!) is lost somewhere in Paramus.


Dorothy Snarker said...

A friend of mine also recently had her car window smashed to steal a GPS unit. Apparently, it’s the hot new thing to steal instead of stereos these days. I’m sending good, non-thieving, non-negative vibes are being sent from California to Ms. K. And since California is known for its quality good vibes, here’s hoping they do some good.

Dorothy Snarker said...

p.s. Sorry for the typos. Good vibes sometimes scramble my grammar.

Delia said...

Huge fan of your blog and so happy that OFAG is no longer needed. I, too, am sending good luck vibes from California.

Anonymous said...

As someone who comes across a new nifty piece of vandalism every time I step foot out of my house, I know the pain of smashed windows, pulled out wires, spray-painted whatevers... I'm sending good vibes to both you and Ms.K.

Dykes And The City said...

Belgian good vibes from across the pond!

Anonymous said...

More good vibes from California for Ms. K.