Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"You must stay grounded."

I sometimes have reoccurring dreams where I am at the beach, which for me will always be the Delaware shore where I spent the summers of my childhood and teenage years. There's always a disconcerting feeling to these dreams and in this version the weathered houses along Essex Street are dilapidated or abandoned, the usually peaceful Atlantic swells angrily as it slowly devours the coastline and picks apart at wooden structures.

But one of the houses holds its ground, a house that has has withstood many a hurricane and Nor'easter since its construction in the 1920s when the area was nothing but miles and miles of barely inhabited sand dunes. Somehow the house continues to survive.

From there dream the scene switches into a room filled with people as if a lecture has just ended. As everyone disperses, I spy the lecturer, an older woman, and engage her in some conversation about chakras. I tell her that my third eye has been tingling lately and she makes a motion towards the center of my forehead. The tingling suddenly grows intense as if a swirling energy vortex has erupted. Instinctively I touch my forehead and discover that the skin has raised into a diamond like shape cluster of goose bumps. Again she makes a motion towards my third eye and prismatic color shoots along the periphery of my vision.

As I am experiencing this amazing sensation, she says, "You must stay grounded."

That's all I remember.


Anonymous said...

So, Rouge, don't your astrologist friends know someone who analyzes dreams? This is interesting. And having spent some time on the Delaware shore, I'm a bit disturbed by it myself! Let us know when you figure out what it means, please?

nycrouge said...

Well, astrologically speaking, the planet Neptune rules the seas. It also rules altered experiences, drugs, dreams, the unconscious, and spirituality. Right now a Neptune transit is making a hard aspect (square) to my natal Sun, which rules the ego. Since Neptune is not a very fast moving planet, I'm going to experience this transit for the rest of 2008.

So maybe this is the start of many funky, trippy dreams to come?