Monday, March 16, 2009

"It was like my life flashing before me."

A previous commenter asked if I was going to recycle my old computer. I should note that I had the old one fixed because it was either pay $200 or pay a similar fee to have my data restored. So I figured that if the computer was fixed, I could try to sell it on Craigslist and recoup some of the money I spent on my shiny new computer.

Having retrieved the broken Mac from the la doctora, I was keen to have my old files transferred to the new iMac -- four years of accumulated emails, iTunes, freelance work, and digital photos. I also needed to clean out the computer before I could sell it and so sorting through the hard drive was like a time capsule of my life since moving to New York. When I imported my digital photos to iPhoto a curious thing happened . . . . As it imported, the program flashed every photo I've taken over the last five years in quick succession.

It was like my life flashing before me. Slightly horrified, I nevertheless felt compelled to watch the slide show. Photos of my trip to Chicago in 2005. Photos of my clusterfuck of a drunken 27th birthday. Photos of my ex girlfriends. Photos of Holly and Val. Photos of friends I haven't seen in years. Photos of dinner parties. Old roommates. Seattle. Trips to England. Lesbian club. Weddings. The first photo I ever took of Ms. K. Boom. Boom. Boom. Every second a new photo.

I felt weird. Very very weird.

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