Friday, March 27, 2009

"Dear Ms. Post No Bills . . ."

My angry letter writing campaign netted a result. After the fury of learning that my local post office lost four pieces of my mail, two of which contained money, I wrote to my federal and city representatives -- Anthony Weiner, Yvette Clark, and Bill De Blasio -- and explained my outrage.

A few days after writing City Councilman De Blasio, I got an email from a staff member in his office who wanted more information. Okay, that was nice, but I didn't expect more than that. Yesterday I received an official letter signed by Councilman De Blasio echoing my dissatisfaction. Attached to his letter was a copy of another letter that his office sent to the Kensington Post Office lodging a formal complain on my behalf.

Who knows if there will be any improvement in service, but it felt nice to be a citizen whose voice got heard. Ahem, Congressmen Weiner and Clark. Consider yourself on notice. De Blasio's got my back.

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