Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Yay gym!"

The reckoning has come.

I dragged my fat ass to Carroll Gardens yesterday and joined a gym. Not some busy chain, but a neighborhood gym where hopefully I can jiggle like an oversized jell-o mold in relative seclusion. Looking for possible places to join and where some of my dignity would remain intact, I researched my options on Yelp -- low marks for NYSC, Crunch was reputedly a meat market, and Equinox was too expensive. I checked out the YMCA on Atlantic Avenue after it received a lot of praise, but what I found was a clusterfuck -- long lines at the membership desk and a bathroom that made the hallway reek of shit. Next!

Then I walked down to Carroll Gardens and checked out what is now my gym. I've yet to work out, but I am painfully aware that I lack proper clothing, namely a proper fitting sports bra -- I don't want anyone to get a black eye. Keep in mind that the last time I went to a gym it was 2005 and I was a different size. Oh the humility.


MLC said...

Good for you -- keep going. A habit will happen that is good for you but if you "rest" every time you are sore well you never get past the pain.

I limped around for months at first...
and besides it's a reason to shop.

ToonCat said...

I'm very impressed. Wifey and I had the 'joining a gym chat' this week. We're both agreed we need to do it and we're fairly sure which one we'll join.

I wonder how long it will be before we actually act on it!!