Thursday, March 12, 2009

"We're boring."

I really got myself up into a lather with my last post. Apparently my new persona of angry taxpayer/internet scold is reason #253 why I am officially an adult. Or lame. Or both! All I got to say is suck it, youth. The angry letters have only just begun.

A couple of posts ago I mused about how the direction of my blog has changed since the days of OFAG and a couple of you commented that I should indeed try writing about domesticity instead. When Ms. K read that, she turned to me, eyebrow cocked disdainfully.

"Yeah because everyone really wants to read about how we go to brunch, get drunk, and then do it again the following Sunday," she quipped adding, "We're boring."

It's true, we have become a bit boring and our our relationship does seem to involve a lot of cocktails. For instance, in response to tonight's taco dinner preparations, she sent me the following email:

"I will procure ingredients, and make sour mix, and have a margarita ready for you when you get home."

Yes folks, love is homemade sour mix and a margarita waiting for you when you get home. I'm a lucky girl.

1 comment:

ToonCat said...

Wifey says "that she is".

Homemade sour mix. Wow. We've never done that for each other. There is still much to learn about domesticity. Even after 11 years...