Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"I want to go to there."

On Friday night my computer died. Its demise came not with a spectacular hard drive crash or calamity (water! fire!), but rather a pop as it spontaneously switched off for good and went to the great desktop in the sky. However the Mac support people assure me it can be resurrected by installing a new battery for $200, which I will do except that I used this opportunity as an excuse to buy a new computer -- a refurbished 24 inch iMac. Behold.

Shiny! Although Ms. K is not impressed that all of our big ticket items have decided to die all at once.

3 comments: said...

Not sure if you can see the green glow from tehre but ... I'M JEALOUS!!

If you don't mind, how much would a refurbished one cost?

nycrouge said...

You can usually get $200-300 dollars off the retail price. An iMac with a less powerful processor seems to be running about $1,000.

thenewgirl said...

I hope you recycled the old computer. I think Apple accepts them.