Thursday, February 19, 2009

"There better be booze at this wedding."

Now that I'm shamefully domesticated and extra porky from all the love, let us turn the clock back to early 2007 when things were very very different. At the time I was maddeningly infatuated with a She's Just Not That Into You kind of friend. I gave her many pseudonyms on this blog -- Ms. Lawyer, Lawyer Girl, Fake Girlfriend, Laura -- and many long time readers might detect a stirring of recognition. (Memories jogged here.) It's been a long time since I last wrote about her, but what got me thinking of her former presence on this blog was the arrival of her wedding invitation in the mail yesterday. Yes, she's getting married to her long time girlfriend. Mazel tov. I know I previously lambasted the speed of their engagement, but seeing how it's been a year I am very happy for them.


danamitey said...

I went back and read the old I really need to read that book, with the movie coming out the phrase is now part of daily life...and well I was seeing a woman that well...just wasn't that into me...unless it was convenient for her, then she was, for that as you have retired from OFAG some of the rest of us are still on the mission

avagdro said...

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