Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"You've made me fat!"

Oh, dear readers, I have a confession. My clothes don't fit anymore. Extreme lesbian domestication has made me both happy and fat. In the year and a half since Ms. K and I started dating, I think I've gained around 15 and 20 pounds. Even Ms. K has gained a little weight since she met me and recently accused me of filling her up with lots of delicious home cooked meals. Indeed my own growing pot belly is now 86% pork, 14% bourbon. Something must be done.

So Ms. K and I are shopping around for a gym to join and considering a fast an healthy lifestyle that doesn't involve as many cocktails. It's a cruel reality, yes. I mean all couples go through this, the packing on of the pounds. It's as if we've stop trying now that we've snagged a partner. Lord knows I don't shave my legs as frequently.

OFAG may have been a success, but now it's time for Operation Lose 30 Pounds.

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