Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"You look good today!"

"You look good today!" my work friend DJ said as she hugged me good morning. "Is that a new top?"

Indeed I was wearing a new top, a recent purchase from one of my long overdue shopping binges. Wow, clothes that actually fit? It's a hell of a concept.

New shirt aside, I don't know how she managed to overlook my dry and blotchy skin, worn out by both winter and successive cocktails, but I thanked her for her compliment. It's all the love weight I've put on," I confessed.

"I didn't notice that you had gained weight!"

Now you're just lying to be nice, I think, but thank you again.

Last night I had this plan where I was going to cook a nice dinner for one of fish and vegetables since Ms. K was working. And I was going to try to cut back on drinking as another targeted way to be healthier. Except when I got home my will powered crumbled courtesy of a Modelo Especial and leftover slices of pizza taunting me from the fridge. But at least I walked up the six flights of stairs to the apartment instead of taking the elevator!

Baby steps.

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Mouthy said...


girl, i just saw you for the first time in months and i didn't notice at all.

on behalf of fatties in relationships everywhere, welcome to the club. beats gaining it in grad school, right?