Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Hello, Sunshine."

Apologies, I've been terribly remiss with this whole blog writing lark. I took some time to get my head screwed on after the accident and I am generally starting to feel normal again. The whole car thing is still in limbo and I'm waiting to get a copy of the police report, but I am finding it rather humorous that the first name of Ms. K's total loss adjuster is Sunshine.

Anyway, the other night I realized that Ms. K and I have gotten to that stage in our relationship where we walk around the apartment with our pants unbuttoned and such. Like that time Ms. K found toilet paper in a not so sexy location, it's funny (or mortifying) to realize that whatever borders of propriety and formality that humans have between each other eventually fall in a long term relationship.

There was an incident in particular that had Ms. K and I laughing at some very unsexy personal stuff. Except I can't remember what exactly -- probably for the best -- but I threatened at the time to blog about it.

"No! Don't blog that!" she said. "People are going to think we wear sweat pants and baseball caps and don't have sex!"

Again, lucky for her I can't remember what sort of toilet humor we were laughing about that night.

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