Thursday, June 14, 2007

"uh oh . . . does that mean you can't be candid on the blog anymore? that would suck."

Ah yes, candidness. The thing about having a (somewhat) anonymous blog is that I can talk honestly about the people who have incurred my wrath -- specifically the people who have jockeyed for bit parts in OFTL/OFAG. The reason I have talked with abandon about Fake Girlfriend, Holly, and other exes is that they are obviously not reading. So what do I do now that the woman I had a date with last Sunday is reading?

I think one of the reasons this blog works is my level of candor. Having contemplated how I would mention Ms. Y, my date from Sunday and with whom I have a second date tonight, I have realized that I can't censor her out of my writing -- the validity of my blog would be compromised. Not to mention that you all would stage a revolt. So here is what I proposing: (1) I will write honestly and fairly about Ms. Y, maintaining respectful anonymity. (2) Ms. Y knows that she reads at her own risk and I know that I write at my own risk. (All good natured of course.)

Okay? Okay. Yay!

Ms. Y contacted me shortly before Memorial Day weekend, writing a well crafted response to my dating manifesto from last summer. To be honest I wasn't in the mood to deal with her email and even though I had proclaimed that OFAG was back on, I was still struggling with the same burnout that I experienced last year. When I finally wrote her back I figured I had nothing to lose and quietly prayed that she wasn't mentally unbalanced when we set up a date to meet for brunch.

When the time came to meet up, I was struggling to cast off a hangover from the night before. I honestly had no expectations, but when she sat down across from me at the Rocking Horse Cafe my first thought was Oh my god she's hot! I then proceeded to have a throughly and unexpectedly wonderful time. She was smart, interested in art, grew up not too far from me, and seemed to truly embody the qualities that I was seeking when I wrote my manifesto. When we laid in the fresh cut grass of Central Park, shielding our eyes from the sun, I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Calixthe said...

This time it's sound cool. Good luck for next time.

Anonymous said...

Now, this is an unusual way to get a date!

I reckon the only drawback is your date knows more about you than u if she trawled your archives as well :)

Still: sounds fun...enjoy!

Sandy said...

I'm wondering why Ms. Y knows about your blog. Doesn't that put a damper on your ability to write freely?

nycrouge said...

Ms. Y knew about this blog because she was a reader first before she contacted me to meet. But all this is moot now considering we only met twice.