Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"If you gamble everything for love you gonna be alright . . ."

Man oh MAN am I cranky! It's amazing what the effects a hangover, lack of sleep, and a lack of coffee will do to a girl. The hangover was a product of Korean vodka and sake consumed after a spirited outing of karaoke on 35th Street; the lack of sleep because I got home late and my cats like to chase each other at 5 am; and the lack of coffee because we ran out of it in the office and the new batch hasn't arrived yet. KILL.

Now back to OFAG.

Before you think that I am limiting my options, take heart. While Emma has presented herself as an option, there are others. I have a date on Sunday and when I was at Cattyshack on Friday I ran into Patricia. "I'm going to call you and we're going to get you out," she said looking very interested. Okay, you do that. Although I think I'm just going to email her myself and ask her for drinks since I'm starting to get impatient.

In the meantime, singer Ben Lee reminds me what I have to do (too bad the video is kind of shit, but the song is catchy):

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