Friday, June 22, 2007

"Would you like to buy a tiara or a feather boa?"

Instead of blogging about Laura, I should have been mentioning that I went to see the True Colors tour last Monday at Radio City Music Hall. I guess I didn't blog about it sooner since I didn't have much to say owing to arriving terribly late -- sometime near the end of Rosie's monologue, yellow Croc shoes visible all the way from the from the other end of the hall like a beacon of bad lesbian footwear. My faithful band buddy Maire and I had managed to miss The Gossip, Dresden Dolls, Amanda Lapore, and Debbie Harry. Tsk. We're such bad gays.

However once we found our seats in the orchestra, drinks in hand, we arrived in time to catch Erasure, Margaret Cho, and Cindy Lauper. Basically we arrived in time (apart from the fabulously bitchy/raunchy Ms. Cho) for the 1980s revival part of the tour. Sorry, Ms. Lauper, I totally respect all your hard work for the gays and putting this tour together, but Maire and I cut out of your set early to head back to Brooklyn. Tsk. We're such bad gays.

Speaking of gays, I LOVE me some gay boys. They were so happy when Erasure went on and danced, and danced, and danced. Now, you don't see that level of enthusiasm at an indie rock concert. Clearly my life is missing something. I need more gay boy friends! Mr. Bad Apologies, can you help? I desire to be a fag hag.


Anonymous Lesbian said...

My friends keep trying to make me choose: Do I want to be a lesbian OR do I want to be a faghag? I don't see why I can't be both.

But my love of gay men sometimes get's in the way of me having some kind of love life as i got gay bars and then stand mesmerized watching the men dancing... instead of checking out the women.

djoy said...

You missed The Gossip....shame on you!